Use Command Prompt to find MAC address

Using the Command Prompt is the quickest method to find the MAC address of your PC

1. Go to Command Prompt

You can find Command Prompt by clicking on your Windows Start menu in the bottom left corner of your screen. Then, in the search bar, type ‘Command Prompt.’ When it pops up, click on it.

2. Type in ipconfig /all and hit Enter.

Don’t let the black, technical-looking screen that appears intimidate you. All you need to do here is type in the following string of letters. You can also copy and paste it from here. 

ipconfig /all 

Once you have that typed in correctly (don’t fail to notice there is a space between the g and the slash!), hit ‘Enter.’

3. Find your MAC address under Physical Address

A lot of information will appear. Look for ‘Physical Address.’ The string of letters and numbers in that field is your MAC address. You can copy and paste it to your clipboard from here if need be.