Google Drive Issue

Add to MyDrive is now Missing from the menu (2022 - Once Again!)

From September 30 2021 the Add to My Drive will be ceased, there is no longer a work around for Shit+Z

Below is a link to the announcement:

“After September 30, 2020, all files already living in multiple locations in My Drive will gradually be migrated to shortcuts.”

Pre 2021 Work Around Below:

Recently Google Drive has changed the way you add a shared directory to your own drive (MyDrive).

If you navigate your online Google Drive (In your Browser), you will see that when you select ‘Shared with me’ and try and right click any shared item you can only  ‘Add shortcut to drive’!

‘Add to MyDrive’ has been removed.

However there is still a workaround.

Accessing the Hidden (Secret?) Menu

Open up your Google Drive in your browser and click on ‘Shared with me’

If you cant do it from the App then see below

A browser window will open as shown below.

You should see a list of directories that other users have shared with you.

Whist left clicking the relevant shared item press SHIFT + Z on your keyboard at the same time.

Magically a new menu appears, which allows you to select ‘My Drive’ and click on the ADD button.

I have produced an image detailing this sequence below.